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finding-nemoTo elaborate with an analogy, we view highways and traffic arteries as rivers flowing with live ecosystems. A great animation of this concept is found in the movie “Finding Nemo”, where fish and other sea inhabitants flow through currents across the globe inside oceanic currents.

In this new medium, human beings flow through the highways like fish in oceanic currents. However, unlike in the movie, in “traffic ecosystems”, people are estranged, lonely, tired, and feeling guilty for causing pollution, noise, and congestion. The mission behind TAG is to create valuable relationships in this ecosystem through interaction of friends, relatives, colleagues and work associates.

It can organize citywide gamification and furthermore provide services such as the delivery of cargo packages. In order to realize this mission, TAG is defining shared-mobility, integrating itself with Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WhatsApp, and other virtual social media resources. Thus, it enables one to turn “virtual capital” into real human contact in the physical environment of a car in traffic. This is done on the go through smart phones.

A new media that turns the pain of commuting to personally designed experiences that give freedom, worth, collective happiness and delight

Our Dream

TAG will be an economically as well as socially desirable alternative to travelling alone with empty seats in city traffc. To accomplish this aim, TAG combines smart phones with technical solutions, desirable social experiences, and profitability, which are not yet available in any of the ride-sharing operating systems around the world. Old-school companies are not able to target this urban segment, as their technology is only suitable for commuting between cities.

Daily commuters in populated cities lose productivity during commute hours and also miss out on human contact and socialization. In addition, traffic congestion is causing increased accident rates, pollution, a greater need for parking, and higher cost per journey.

TAG will not only outperform the currently available urban transportation alternatives in terms of cost and comfort, but it will also provide a unique face-to-face social experience.  The commute time in transportation will become a new medium through which the virtual meets reality. In Europe and other parts of the world, people spend half an hour to four hours on the road each day. This new medium will allow users to experience valuable utility, which is otherwise lost in traffic jams each day.

Re-inventing how cars, people, traffic and cargo move in urban environment

Our Team

Meet members of our team! We work passionately to bring meaning into daily life. We cross continents by swimming, compete in bike races, run marathons, perform gigs, write poetry, publish magazines and support our local communities. We welcome diversity in harmony.

Founded by passionate scientists, entrepreneurs and designers

EU Horizon 2020


EU ranked us in the top 5 among 11,000 innovation projects for H2020.

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